File Requests

Do you have a specific file you're looking for but can't find? Let me know!

Use this form below to request any custom file(s). Be as specific as you'd like or keep it vague if you're just wanting a general subject!

Examples of types of files you CAN request on this form: 

- BFF Keychains, Math Teacher Stud Earrings, Princess Earring Bundles, Kawaii Science Earrings, Mix & Match Stud Earrings with Bluey & Bingo, Disco Themed Earrings

(These files are free of charge and I will have them ready to purchase on the website within 2 weeks)

Examples of types of files NOT to request on this form:

- Football earrings by this Sunday, Earrings with a specific high school mascot, Pin with your business logo on it, A keychain for your son's 3rd grade teacher named Mrs Jones

(These types of files are subject to an extra fee, email me instead!)

For any questions, please feel free to email me at