What machine can I use your SVGs and DXF files on?

  • All of my files are made to be used on laser cutting/engrave machines, like Glowforge, OMTech, Thunder, Xtool, etc., and others. 

Can I use your files with vinyl cutting machines like Cricut?

  • Some of my files are able to be used without editing with vinyl cutting machines like Cricut, but not all of them. Since most are made to be engraved or scored with a laser machine, some files may need to be altered before cutting on Cricut. It's not impossible, but please keep in mind that laser machines are what they are designed for so the outcome may be different if using a Cricut or others alike. 

Do you files come sized correctly?

  • Since everyone has their own personal preference on what the perfect size is, the files must be resized before cutting. For example, even if a file is advertised as earrings, not everyone uses the files for earrings (they may make a necklace, keychain, etc.) so I don't bother to size them beforehand. 

What settings do you use on the files?

  • Please keep in mind that what I use for settings may be different depending on the type of material or laser you use. In each listing, I put what I used to create the photo you see in the listing to help as a general guide. Each file also comes with color-coded directions.

Do you score or engrave the design?

  • The file will tell you whether it is supposed to be scored or engraved. Typically speaking, you can score or engrave any file but the desire outcome will be different based on what option you choose. If you are wanting the same as the listing, you should follow the directions that are on the file. 

I follow these color coded guidelines for all my files

Red - Cut

Blue - Engrave

Purple - Score

  • This will be on each file so that you know what settings to use.

What do you use to paint your files?

  • I use a variety of different paint markers with extra fine tips. Some designs may be very simple, but some can be more challenging as I love to put as many details as I can in my designs! I've also been painting as my job for years but I try to make all of the designs easy enough for beginners to do as well! If you plan on painting, having a steady hand and fine tip paint markers help immensely with painting the more detailed designs! If you're just starting out with painting, it may take some practice too. Of course, painting is completely optional. What you create with the design is entirely up to you, the options are endless! 

For further questions or issues, please don't hesitate to contact me! Joining our Facebook group is the easiest way to contact me, but you can also use the contact form on the website.